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Year Established

ISO 9001



ISO 9001: 2015

RF-MTL was awarded their ISO 9001-2015 quality certification and and CSA C22.2 no 14-95 Authorisation to Mark.


The Quality Management System and our manufacturing environment explicitly meets the intent of ISO 9001 series of standards. Our dedication to the quality standard set forth is designed to satisfy customer needs and exceed their expectations, meet statutory and regulatory requirements, and continually improve processes and products.


The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) within Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) is managed by the Controlled Goods Directorate which is mandated to help strengthen Canada's defence trade controls under the authorities of the Defence Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulations.


The CGP plays a vital role in this regard through the prevention and detection of the unlawful examination, possession or transfer of controlled goods in Canada through its mandatory registration and regulation of Registered Persons (registered businesses and individuals).



RF-Mtl Electronics Inc. is devoted to being a partner of choice in the field of cable assembly and electrical control panels by providing advanced quality systems guarantees, a service-oriented approach and always aiming to exceed the client’s requirements.


RF-MTL Electronics Inc. specializes in the fabrication of RF & Micro-wave assemblies, custom Wiring & Harnesses, Military grade cables, Complex Custom assembly services and Electric Control Panels.

Our products are requested in various industries such as; Military, Aviation, Communications, Transportation and Industrial.


With our policy of a continual reinvestment in our state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure the highest consistency in our product’s quality. RF-Mtl was awarded their ISO 9001-2015 quality certification and CSA 22.2 no 14-95 Authorisation to Mark. Our quality management system and our manufacturing environment both explicitly meet the intent of ISO 9001. Additionally, we are registered with the Controlled Goods Program (CGP). Our dedication to the quality standards set forth is designed to satisfy our customer's needs and expectations. 


To ensure the traceability of our products, we have implemented a bar code system. With our MRP system, we can plan the production in the long term (KANBAN) or just-in-time. 


We believe in innovation. Thus, we continually improve our processes and products.



RF-MTL Electronics Inc. specializes in the following fabrications


  • RF and Microwave Cable Assemblies

  • Wiring and Harness Assemblies

  • Electric Control Panels

  • Military Grade Cables and complex custom final assembly services

Our facility can produce prototypes, rush orders KANBAN and high volume production quantities. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to fully test all of our products:


  • CIRRIS Signature 1100H+ Hi-Pot Tester

  • CIRRIS Signature 1000H Hi-Pot Tester

  • CIRRIS Easy-Wire CR Tester

  • SCHLEUNIGER Pull Tester 25

  • HP 8720C Network Analyzer

The large variety of cables and connectors used, allows unlimited assembly configurations in accordance to our clients’ specifications and requirements.

Our products are utilised in various industries such as:


  • Military

  • Aviation

  • Communications

  • Transportation

  • Industrial


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RF-MTL Electronics Inc. 
1415 rue Saint-Amour 
Saint-Laurent, Québec H4S 1T4


Tel: 514-332-9998 
Fax: 514-332-9892 

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